Corporate Wellness

Nutrition In The Workplace

In most businesses employees are crucial to success. A happy, healthy workforce is likely to be more productive and have a direct correlation on the profitability of your business. How many man hours are you losing due to sick days, stress leave and burnout? 

Showing your employees you have a vested interest in their health and wellbeing plays a major role in boosting staff morale. It is a known fact that we live in a fast paced results-driven world with fewer breaks and greater expectations, and a lot of us rely on caffeine and sugar just to keep going. Implementing a corporate wellness strategy can be an effective tool for safeguarding the long-term wellness and productivity of your staff and team.

My aim is to show your staff practical tools that can be incorporated into their lives so that they can stay healthy in this crazy modern world.


Corporate Wellness Workshops

Interactive workshops designed to offer practical solutions to eating in a modern world. Your employees will gain new skills, knowledge and resources, which will enable them to improve their health, memory, energy and immunity and reduce stress.

The workshops include; discussions about food nutrients, hands-on cooking, recipes, and of course – eating good food!

Healthy Workplace Challenge

A fun, goal oriented, morale-boosting challenge for the whole office. Includes talks, handouts, progress tracking, and prize giving. Choose from 30-day fat loss, 30-day health eating or 21-day detoxification challenges.

On-Site Private Consultations for your Employees

Confidential individual consultations to address specific health concerns or goals.  Please read the section on ‘Private Consultations’ for more information.

Canteen Audit

Nutritional review of menu options, ingredients and cooking methods. Working with canteen staff to establish practical solutions, which align with your food cost budgets.

Bespoke Services

Working with you and your staff to achieve your goals. This can include any combination of the above or something designed specifically for your needs.

If you would like any more information on my services or to set up a corporate wellness workshop please call me to discuss the options available to your company.

Public Speaking

As an experienced teacher and passionate nutritionist I have the perfect skill set to educate and entertain an audience.

From corporate groups to WI meetings, school assemblies to health clubs I have experience talking to large numbers of people about nutrition and lifestyle. I am passionate about spreading the word and inspiring people to realise a healthier, happier lifestyle whether to large groups or in smaller, more intimate, seminars.

My talks cover a wide spectrum of nutritional genres but most popular is my ’10 changes you can make today’ talk. In this speech I discuss nutrition in general and then highlight the 10 changes, explaining some of the science in laymen’s terms that everyone can understand. People leave the talk with a handout summing up the talk (including useful recipes) and there is a question and answer session. Afterwards I am available for people to ask 1 to 1 questions.

Other talks include; recipe taster sessions, gut and liver transformation lectures and weight loss workshops. The sessions last around 2 hours with the actual talk being approximately 1 hour.

If you would like to discuss options for my coming to address a group of people you think would like to be inspired and learn how to eat more healthily then get in touch via the contacts page.

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